A Box Full of Sunshine for Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day! My gift came a day early, from California. My amazing Auntie Tina, who knows how much I covet her Meyer Lemon tree, sent a surprise care package straight from her tree and her kitchen.  It was the very best thing in the world to open on a snowy, windy May morning in New Hampshire. Money may not buy you happiness, but fresh lemon marmalade on toast sure will.

Tina makes me think of great moms and of the way they make you feel special on every day. My Nina was all that, and I’m really happy and excited that she’s getting some airtime in today’s New York Times. I hope you get a chance to read this, and that it brings a little peace to people who need it on Mother’s Day, or any day.

For kids out there, of any age, wondering if you can pull off making breakfast for your Mom, you CAN! And you can probably do it with what you have on hand. Might I suggest Dutch Bunny, Blueberry Dutch Bunny, Popovers or 3-3/2-2 crepes, all of which benefit from a squeeze of fresh lemon. Whatever you come up with, you know she’ll appreciate the effort, so here’s the only part of the recipe you truly need to follow: Serve it up with a whole lotta love!

Whether or not cooking is happening, let’s give it up for our mom’s today. And when life gives you lemons, say “Thank you!” 

 Thank you for the sunshine Tina!

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10 thoughts on “A Box Full of Sunshine for Mother’s Day

  1. Sandy Chivers

    Hi Edie,

    My heart is full and my brain has a clarification. This is how I feel after reading your wonderful article about Alzheimers in the NYT. My mother died in 1997 from complications of diabetes but she did have Alzheimer’s and was in the Hanover Terrace Memory Unit. Ever since her death, I’ve tried to make sense of how I was feeling. My daughter, Catherine, was 5 at the time and thing were busy for me as a single parent. When I had the time to think about her passing, it just wasn’t clear, nothing came to the forefront and I wasn’t able to grasp my emotions – they were only fleeting. Thank you for putting it in to words for me.

    I feel as if I had my Mother’s Day gift as well, after seeing that wonderful box/bowl of lemons. They do bring sunshine, don’t they? It’s the most incredibly thoughtful gift anyone could give. It shows such love and caring. (PS You have many on you blog list, I am a former coach of Chan’s, from Holderness days and live just down the road from you, off of Greensboro. I think of my most favorite teacher, Mrs. Bailey, every time I pass your house)

    1. Edie Morgan Post author

      Wow Sandy! Thank you so much for those kind and thoughtful words. My greatest hope in sharing this little part of the journey is that it can help or comfort others, and I am so glad if it did for you. Of COURSE I remember you, and please do stop by the “Bailey House” sometime on your way through. It won’t be the Morgan house for another 50 years at least.
      Happy Mother’s Day to you — you made mine brighter!

  2. Victoria Baughman

    Edie! I read your article in the NY Times and it was beautiful!! I will be sure to share it with others who I know will find comfort in it as well. A whole box of MEYER LEMONS — what a treat!! Enjoy.
    Happy Mothers Day.
    xo Vic

  3. Bevin

    Hi Edie, Happy Mother’s Day and thank you for sharing this. It’s very poignant and was beautiful to read (plus, meyer lemons!). I don’t know if you knew this, but Helen Olsson’s dad recently passed away and he had advanced alzheimer’s. I’m sure she would love to read this and I will share it with her.

  4. Sandra Turnbull

    Edie…your article is so beautiful … hard for me to put into words! It brought tears of both sadness and happiness….

    Wishing you a special Mother’s Day. Your dons are very lucky young men!

    One day ….sooner than later … hope to see you again and maybe we can finally drink a frozen daiquiri together….Suzi’s patio!!

    1. Edie Morgan Post author

      Got that! Thank you for your kind words Sandi! You will be pleased to know that I had a full Tupperware of Sandi drinks in the freezer to celebrate my son’s 21st birthday last weekend. A 21st birthday in quarantine is every mother’s dream. It was fantastic. Can’t wait to have you here in our new kitchen. xoxo

  5. DT

    Auntie Tina IS the best! What an excellent gift. Your NYT article on Nina was so warm, so poignant and so beautifully crafted. I’ve spread it far and wide. Indeed, it was like a ray of sunshine to read on Mother’s Day. Much gratitude for your radiant disposition, so reminiscent of your beloved mom, and how you always seem to ‘bring it’!

    1. Edie Morgan Post author

      Awwwwww Danielly.Thank you! It was as if Nina had engineered a way for all of us to reconnect. Thank you for taking the time to check in with your kind words, and for spreading the love!

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