Positive Snacks

 All hail…the snack!



Grown ups may deny or decry the urge, but snacks are so key to general happiness and well-being that they deserve serious attention. Kids are unabashedly, joyfully all about snacks.  Much of it is about of necessity— replenishing what they’re burning, fueling growth spurts, getting through a school day or eating on the go before during and after activities.  Then there are class parties, teacher gifts, team events, etc. In general one can never have enough snacks! All this snacking is great, but it can put the snack-maker-in-chief over the edge, so as early as possible our goal should be to toss the snack-making baton to our kids, so they can make what they want when they want, and we can be happy knowing they will not starve in a fully stocked kitchen.

Positive Snacks: Many of the snacks we will feature in Bring It! were proposed, tested and approved by kids participating in Positive Tracks, an organization that’s all about kids using their creative energy to raise money with and for other kids. We seriously dig on Positive Tracks. And come on kids— yes you little darlings, we’re talking to you— the point here is independence. With a little guidance you can totally make these things yourselves. There now, doesn’t self reliance taste good?


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