Crackle Bars

crack-on-a-plateTo balance all those healthy paleo and endurance crackers, I present to you a very unhealthy form of crack…er. This is ridiculously yummy and easy. Healthy? Not so much. Somebody brought a batch of this to book group and warned of its addictiveness. I started giving it as a neighborhood holiday gift and it quickly became an all-season, all-occasion favorite. It makes excellent bake sale material (which puts it in the Positive Snacks category), is darned good on a hike (add it to Better in a Backpack) and is a huge hit with hungry, sports-playing teenagers, who inspired the current batch.


Child Labor–Happy and ready to spread.

And on the topic of kids, they can help you out here. They love the process of making it, especially spreading the melted chocolate chips (Hello bake sales!). It’s equally good with saltines or graham crackers, so use what you prefer or what is in your cupboard. These were introduced to me as “4th of July Bars” but the name did not stick. You do need to crack them to break them into pieces. And they’re made with crackers. The fact that they are as frighteningly addictive as something with a similar name is purely coincidental.


1 cup light brown sugar
1 cup butter
Saltines or graham crackers
12 oz milk chocolate chips (ultra cheapo brands do not always melt as well)
Chopped nuts, roasted and salted (your choice–I love tamari almonds but my kids prefer peanuts which are easy and cheap so I don’t argue.)


Have ready a 13 x 9 pan: foil lined and lightly greased. Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

Line the pan with a single layer of crackers. (saltines fit perfectly)

Combine sugar and butter in saucepan.  Bring to a boil and boil for 4 minutes exactly – no more.

Pour boiled mixture over the crackers. Bake for 5 minutes – no longer!

Remove from oven and while very hot scatter the chocolate chips on the surface. Spread chips out evenly as they melt and soften.

Scatter with chopped nuts. Refrigerate until hardened.  Then cut or break into pieces.

Makes a bunch.


The cool down phase.


The smoothing phase.




Bring It!

Store in a gallon-sized ready to tote ziploc bag in the fridge, or in individual plastic baggies that you can dole out as necessary. Make it fancy with tissue paper and a ribbon.

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5 thoughts on “Crackle Bars

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  4. Sandra Turnbull

    Okay Edie….I made your “crackle bars” (aka as “crack”) recipe this afternoon. I think you should consider putting an addendum onto this recipe…or some type of warning label…this is serious stuff! honestly…you shouldn’t turn irresponsible people like me loose with this recipe!! Possibly a warning about the potential for major weight gain or your husband, after having one bite, will look at you like you are a sex Goddess he has never seen before…or about how well it pairs with a glass of Cabernet ….SOMETHING!!!!

  5. Edie

    Ha! Welcome to my world Sandy. Knowing the crackle recipe by heart is indeed a cross to bear. But think of all the joy (and weight) you are spreading in this season of giving. Glad you liked them but wish you were here to have them in Etna!


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