What makes a recipe a Bring It Recipe? It has to be:

  • Something for which people have requested the recipe. Repeatedly.
  • Portable, either complete or its elements easily prepared on site.
  • Relatively simple, in preparation and ingredients.
  • Based on real food, no fake anything.
  • Unique, or a unique take on a classic.
  • Delicious

So duh, it has to be good. The kind of thing that people request when they know you are coming over, the kind of thing for which you often get a recipe request.

The only other hard and fast criteria, is that it has to be portable.  There can be some assembly required on site, but nothing insurmountable or excessive. Ina Garten, who often incorporates the guest into the preparation is the master of this. All the recipes here, if not portable as is, include directions for easy transport.

Simplicity is a plus, both in ingredients and in preparation. Mark Bittman, AKA The Minimalist, is an inspiration. And Michael Pollan’s advice to “Eat real food, mostly plants, not too much,” is a worthy aspiration. But let’s not forget about “Moderation in all things, including moderation.”

Beyond general yumminess and portability we appreciate the inner glowiness that occurs when good food is actually good for you. That said, when it’s time to indulge, there’s nothing like the real thing. Faux fat-free, gimmicky gluten-free ploys and other real food imposters need not apply.

Here are few occasions where you might be Bringing It with gusto.

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