Edie slopeside at Squaw Valley

Slopeside, in a clown suit, at Squaw Valley


Welcome to Bring It! If you’re here you’ve probably got places to go and people to see. I’m here to help you get on your way with tried and true tasty eats that will make YOU the best guest on the block, on the lane, in the hood or on whatever turf you call home.

I’m a Californian by birth and a Yankee by marriage, with a little NYC time in between. I grew up on the slopes of Squaw Valley and am much more comfortable with four feet of powder than with a really thick coating of black ice. That said, I love coaching and skiing at the Dartmouth Skiway, love New England’s seasons, apples, maple syrup and the fact that all my neighbors have chickens.

I have two kids, one husband. All male. All skiers. And we all eat. Really eat. I grew up with no culinary training (read TV Dinners and frozen pot pies), but I always dreamed of running a saloon when I grew up. One with swinging doors and everything. That didn’t pan out, so instead my patio is the saloon. People come, people go and the regulars stay until the fire in the pit burns out. Sadly, the only food I hate is oysters. I once lost a boyfriend over that one. Or he lost me. Either way, it was win/win.

You can read all about me at Racer eX or just say hey at [email protected]

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