Good Giving

The excellence of a gift lies in its appropriateness rather than its value. ~Charles Dudley Warner

solar lanterns

As mentioned in Good Guesting, a gift for your hosts is always key. Here are a few that we like, but be creative and heed the words above. If it fits the host’s lifestyle, humor, tastes or needs it will be much appreciated and remembered. And don’t forget to bring a little something fun for any youngsters in the mix.  Remember how great it was when an adult dug out something just for you?

The sky is the limit really, so this is just a list to get you going. We’d love to hear what gifts you have most enjoyed giving or getting. And finally, remember that the very most important things to bring are a good attitude and a sense of humor. If you bring nothing else these are the key ingredients for good times.

  • Brand new Tupperware pitcher filled with frozen daquiris, or pitchers with sealing lids for the same (see lower picture in daquiri post.
  • Those colorful, super-sharp sheathed picnic knives that can be used at home or on the go.
  • Portable picnic sized cutting boards, and aforementioned knives.
  • Bread pan like this one, along with a loaf of Easiest French Bread, or a silicone loaf pan with a loaf of The Bread of Life.
  • Candles and/or candlesticks; interesting coasters.
  • Seasonally themed dishtowels (wrapped around something yummy) and/or aprons (tuck a kitchen  tool or favorite recipe in the pocket for bonus points.)
  • Personalized canvas bags (extra points for creativity and thinking ahead).
  • CD’s of good chilling out music for entertaining.
  • RollaRoasters! Get the original telescoping marshmallow roasters or extra cool glow in the dark ones.
  • Home grown, home harvested or homemade goodness like veggies, fruit, pickles, jam, fresh eggs, honey, maple syrup, ice cream, home brew, infused liquor or vinegar, candied nuts.
  • Solar outdoor hanging lanterns; any decorative and useful outdoor lanterns; sky lanterns to let fly when the time is right.
  • Wine, wine, wine!
  • Wine and an insulated wine bag or carrier; wine and a nice wine opener; wine and some colorful plastic tumblers; wine and a silly straw.
  • Gift certificates to the local movie theater for a rainy day.
  • Durable, outdoor grade plastic barware, accessories, trays and serveware.
  • Fun, cool or interesting paper goods: kitchen memo pads, stationery, notecards, cocktail napkins.
  • And of course nothing make a party like fireworks, available throughout the Live Free or Die state.




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